Welcome to My Virtual Home


Wonder how you found this but You are anyway welcome to the Official Website of that someone called Peter Banigo.

(I know – Its in Black & White – I just wanted something… (we call it minimalist) and simple.)

Since you found yourself here, expect to see different things such as random thoughts, ideas, tips and whatever leaves my mind through my fingers (It’s my space so I’d do what I like with it.. *wink*).

Do not expect this to be updated daily or with any particular pattern as I pride myself in always being busy so I would only come here at my leisure to let some steam off. Also, I’m not the type to stay talking for hours so my posts would mostly be brief and to the point (I hope).

Like I said, I did it, because I can.

Having this strange feeling I’m running out of what is usually put on a “Homepage” so I guess at this point I would just leave you to have fun, explore & comment where neccessary.