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Another year

So I’m a year older today (not too good with Birthdays),

Thinking back I can only be grateful for everyone who’s made the year great, my awesome family (nuclear & extended), my wonderful (and sometimes annoying) friends, my co-workers who make getting sh*t done lots of fun, clients & customers and not the least, God (who’s been faithful to me, though I can’t say much of the same myself).

Thinking ahead, there’s still LOADS to achieve, a lot to learn, multitudes to improve on and so much to look forward to.


Happy Birthday to Me :)

Another Year.. No Resolutions :D

I’m here, for the sole reason that I’ve something really important to do & as usual I find it more fulfilling distracting myself.

If anyone has focus tablets wouldn’t mind getting some,


So its 2014 already, in short, its 2 days into 2014 already and it’s just like yesterday I was trying to stop myself from writing the date as “2012”

No resolutions this year, Just a promise to me to be awesome at everything and Better in all aspects.

Easier to remember than a Cumbersome 10 point list.


Happy New Year!!!

To Blog or Not to Blog

Peter Banigo

Ok, I woke up today, not much to do for once in months so decided to make an update here.

I’m normally an ultra-private person so a lot of times I get started on a Post and then change my mind midway, not in the mood to share info, that’s how I’m wired but then;

Short and straight to point, What have I been up to for the Past two Years?

I’ve spent the past 2 years multi-tasking, at times I wish I had 8 arms like an octopus.

I’ve built 3 “Bill Paying with loads extra to play with” businesses (its become a passion making ideas written on paper become real) and also seen a couple of disappointing, capital-consuming flops (I walk over them, lessons on what not to do),

I’ve burnt-out physically and mentally like twice (I got wise and hired a couple of staff after the 2nd, though I don’t have the 4-hour workweek yet, but knowing me, any 4-hour workweek would quickly be converted to 70 hours).

I’ve added 2 nieces since the last time I blogged, I’ve done a lot more travelling within and outside the Country (another passion in the making).

My Proposed Auto-Biography, Lol

My Proposed Auto-Biography, Lol

I’ve learnt a lot of lessons in Religion, Business, Leadership, Time Management, Forgiveness, Love and Diplomacy,

I’ve met so many wonderful people (wonderful from both ends of the spectrum, good and bad),

I’ve grown my faith in God & myself on aggregate (though there have been those times of weakness).

And Best of All, I believe I’ve become a better, more focused and mature “man”.

Its my Birthday tomorrow, I last blogged close to my Birthday in 2011 and looking back, God has been faaaaarr beyond good to me and has surprised me beyond my wildest Dreams.

Happy Birthday to me in advance (I remember I used to cry and fear old age when I was younger and Birthdays were approaching).

So till this catches my fancy again,

Cheers :)


The Plight of Emago-Kugbo – Nigeria’s First Crude Loading Bay

(This is a message sent to all member’s of the Facebook Group I Am a Niger-Deltan and Proud of It Too).

A while ago, I never believed that in Rivers State, Nigeria, there would exist a place without phone service, Water, Light or even a straight forward linking Road.

I visited the Emago-Kugbo Community in Abua-Odua LGA of Rivers State severally in the early part of 2010 (strictly business, they have a good but rapidly dwindling logging industry there) and though I saw it as an adventure, I was still shocked at what experienced.

1.) There was no direct access road to the community: There are 2 ways to get there, either a long waist-breaking speed boat ride (bigger boats can’t go in as the waterways where blocked with water hyacinth) or a convoluted 4 Hour Journey through Bayelsa state (for a community in Rivers State) via Vehicle, Feet and “Okada” (you must use all three).

2.) There was no GSM service: For the first time in years, a technology addict like me spent days disconnected from the world. There was no GSM service anywhere (I discovered call centers with phones connected to TV poles though :-) where you had to do a lot of guesswork to understand the other party). On my second visit though I discovered a certain window close to the church there where you can get a bar of Glo service (trust me, I practically moved to that window).

3.) No Fish (& meat) : I know it looks funny adding this, but I’m a core Rivers Man who enjoys good (& complete food). I was told by indigenes that as a result of numerous oil spills, the rivers which where teeming with Fish not too long ago had died so in other to eat fish, you’d have to go to places where they’d imported the fish from other villages (or you could eat iguana (which’s still tasty by the way)). I won’t start with meat at all, for a riverine community without fish, imagine what the meat issue would be.

4.) No Potable Water (in the middle of Water): I saw, & operated my first manual hand-pump (from its inscription donated in the 1980’s) when I got to this community. It was fun but saddening because I was on a partial drinking water fast all through (had to bring water along for the next visit).

5.) No Light: “No Light”, this is a cliche statement in Nigeria I know, but I think when you get to a community which has “NEPA” poles there for only artistic reasons, you would start getting thankful for the once in a week light you get. There was not a “drop” of light all through my stay there and the ubiquitous “I pass my neighbour” was in full force there (with fuel at exhorbitant rates).

I had health issues after a while (not from there though), so could not return to complete the business I had but I am writing this, not to make fun of or deride any community but to bring to our attention, from a first-hand view, the situation in our Niger Delta Communities.

I visited the place in January 2010 and totally forgot about my experiences there till I read a story on Page 86 of the May Edition of the Vanguard Sweet crude (read online at which Described the place as Nigeria’s first crude oil Loading Bay, the first place where crude from Oloibiri was shipped out.

I was shocked that a place with such historical value could be treated in that manner, but then, we all hae heard the story of Oloibiri. I strongly believe that we should take more care of our Oil Bearing Communities because as a Finite resource, someday we would run out of Oil but we are yet to run out of Humans to inhabit these communities.

We have over 3000 members in this group and I believe we all can make a contribution in making the Niger Delta a Home we can be proud of.

This is one of many stories from around our region.

Do you Have any experiences? Feel free to share your own stories, photos and videos on the group wall at .

Also invite your friends.

Thank You for your Time & I really wish you have a wonderful weekend.

Peter Banigo.

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Mr Endowed (The Remix) D’Banj & Uncle Snoop

Not much to say, just that these guys keep raising the bar…

EDIT:(10/02/2011 09:23am): This is a very excellent example of viral marketing using social media. As at 9 Hours ago when I put up this post, there were about 6425 views on the video & right now, there are over 13,000 views (in just 2 days of posting) & thats for the official video alone..

Kudos Mo’Hits.

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WordPress for Nokia – First thoughts

If anyone feels I’ve been caught by the “blogging-bug” in the past few hours, the topic of this post should give an idea of the bug that’s bitten me..
I finally, successfully downloaded the WordPress for Symbian application for my phone last night. Saw it while browsing other stuff and felt it would be perfect for my ultra mobile lifestyle.
The app has been around for a while and is about 13mb totally to download for a first – timer. It first installs the smart installer, which downloads and installs Qt and the wordpress applications.
you can manage multiple blogs with the application but you have to enable xml-rpc under settings in your wordpress admin panel to use it.
The application interface is neat, lets you create and edit your posts and pages, add photos and tags and also moderate comments. You can also manage multiple blogs with it.
So far, my only annoyance with it is the inability to resize images and position (maybe I’ve not looked well enough) but it’s alright otherwise.
You can download yours from

Etisalat now on 3G

Finally!! Late entrant into the GSM market, Etisalat has acquired a 3G license!
This was made possible after they acquired the licence of Alheri telecoms – a subsidiary of the Dangote Group.
Just hope the service is as good as the edge and a lot more widespread..

Whatsapp!!! For symbian..

Image by abulhussain via Flickr

“Because sms is so 2008″, thats the phrase on the official facebook page of the Whatsapp!, application I’ve been using for over a month now & I’ve come to love.
Whatsapp is a smartphone messaging application which is used to send instant messages and multimedia content(hopefully, in the next nokia beta update) between Blackberry’s, iPhones, Symbian OS devices and Android phones.
Its given out as a free (1-year) trial download(though its really cheap after that).
On installation of the application, it requests for your phone number & sends a message to it to verify (meaning the sim in the phone you install with must have airtime for 1 sms and also have the number you input.)
After that, it synchronises your contacts and shows you all your friends who have d application installed.
You can start chatting immediately with them.
I must say, compared to other versions, the Nokia edition is limited(for now) but it still serves its purpose as I’ve noticed I hardly send sms nowadays.
Whatsapp is integrated into your phone and starts up once you get a message (even if you’ve exited the application) – a feature I really value since I get my messages instantly and also I dont have to always find the app and login to use it.
It has disadvantages though,
Its connected to the internet 24/7 so this could really be a drain on your airtime if you aren’t subscribed to a data plan and also on your battery if you use 3g or WiFi to connect.
Apart from that, its really lovely and I actually “force-install” it for my friends with compatible phones.
You can get it for your phone by pointing your browser to

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Downloading your applications from the Nokia Ovi Store directly to your PC

Nokia Ovi logo.

Image via Wikipedia

1st of all I won’t apologise for the long absence as I stated here that I definitely won’t post regularly.
I’m a serious Nokia freak & like many of you nokia users I download applications regularly from the Nokia ovi store.
Doing this, I have this problem of having to always download only with my phone as the desktop version of the ovi site is limited to finding your applications and sending a download link to your mobile.
The issue with this is that the mobile internet plan subscribed to on my phone is very limited in size and also, I don’t get a copy of the raw files when I use the Ovi Store app.
Was browsing earlier today and saw this tip I thought I’d share to others with this issue.
Its really simple, when on the application page, copy the link from your browser, then add /download to the end.
E.g for the WordPress for Nokia App
Don’t forget its for the free apps only!


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Just an Update

Almost had a scare from my laptop screen someday’s back but my baby’s okay now. Been really busy a while, learning a lot of things as usual and depriving myself seriously of sleep in the process. Seems like I’ve a perpetual headache nowadays but its all good.

Took some time out to come here, Say 1 little Hi to you all… & Disappear!!