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Where Have I been?

I know, it seems like I’ve abandoned my lil’ blog right??? Wrong…

I login here almost every week but I get stuck at what I should put on. This would end up maybe another rambling post from me but…. What can I do?

Ok, so, from february till now, I have been working, I have moved homes, I have resigned from my Job, I have handled a surge in my Business, I have bought a few more gadgets (my loves), spent a week with the beauty in the Photo, errrmmmmm… Ok That’s about what I remember for now.

Working, I had a short stint at Arden & Newton Ltd (would have loved to stay longer but the moving and many other issues… hmmmppphhh..).

Well, the time wasn”t wasted though, picked a lot up and also worked with them on a re-branding project (

Ermmmm, Talk Later 🙂

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