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To Blog or Not to Blog

Peter Banigo

Ok, I woke up today, not much to do for once in months so decided to make an update here.

I’m normally an ultra-private person so a lot of times I get started on a Post and then change my mind midway, not in the mood to share info, that’s how I’m wired but then;

Short and straight to point, What have I been up to for the Past two Years?

I’ve spent the past 2 years multi-tasking, at times I wish I had 8 arms like an octopus.

I’ve built 3 “Bill Paying with loads extra to play with” businesses (its become a passion making ideas written on paper become real) and also seen a couple of disappointing, capital-consuming flops (I walk over them, lessons on what not to do),

I’ve burnt-out physically and mentally like twice (I got wise and hired a couple of staff after the 2nd, though I don’t have the 4-hour workweek yet, but knowing me, any 4-hour workweek would quickly be converted to 70 hours).

I’ve added 2 nieces since the last time I blogged, I’ve done a lot more travelling within and outside the Country (another passion in the making).

My Proposed Auto-Biography, Lol

My Proposed Auto-Biography, Lol

I’ve learnt a lot of lessons in Religion, Business, Leadership, Time Management, Forgiveness, Love and Diplomacy,

I’ve met so many wonderful people (wonderful from both ends of the spectrum, good and bad),

I’ve grown my faith in God & myself on aggregate (though there have been those times of weakness).

And Best of All, I believe I’ve become a better, more focused and mature “man”.

Its my Birthday tomorrow, I last blogged close to my Birthday in 2011 and looking back, God has been faaaaarr beyond good to me and has surprised me beyond my wildest Dreams.

Happy Birthday to me in advance (I remember I used to cry and fear old age when I was younger and Birthdays were approaching).

So till this catches my fancy again,

Cheers 🙂


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