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Problem solver | Business builder | Podcast host

For over a decade, I've steadily built ventures by methodically testing markets and scaling through data-driven systems. Leveraging numbers and maximizing efficiency is my passion.
I now focus on sharing practical insights by:
- Mentoring founders to avoid common pitfalls
- Hosting a podcast simplifying business technology applications
On this site, you'll find stories and resources to incrementally grow assets and future-proof your business.
If you need an expert sounding board to validate concepts, concentrate market share, or optimize cash flow, let's connect. I advise clients on sustainably expanding their ventures.
Let's Connect

Analytical Problem Solver

A decade+ analyzing processes, finding inefficiencies, and implementing optimal tech solutions. I thrive on making complex systems work better.

Strategic Business Builder

Launching, strategizing, and scaling businesses has been my passion for over 10 years. I love developing ideas into profitable ventures. My superpower is efficient execution.

Practical Podcast Host

I host the ``Tech Your Business`` podcast focused on simplifying technology for business owners and providing actionable tips to utilize tech and drive growth.

What I Do

You can contact me for:

  • Project Consulting

    For organizations pursuing high-level strategic transformations, I offer intensive project consulting services. This involves meticulously planning and executing new initiatives end-to-end - from thoroughly validated concept to smoothly optimized launch. My detail-oriented approach ensures seamless implementation.

  • Problem Solving

    With over a decade spent optimizing assets, crunching numbers, and streamlining systems, I adeptly solve complex business challenges. My analytical engineering background enables me to accurately diagnose inefficiencies across operations. I then design comprehensive, data-driven solutions focused on maximizing long-term returns on investment. I welcome collaborating with companies to optimize their technological infrastructure and business processes through my proven methodology.

  • Systems Licensing

    I license proprietary systems leveraging my expertise in process optimization, automation, and technology integration to sustainably enhance cash flow for my clients. This allows me to scale my problem-solving capabilities without active engagement needed. I am open to working with partners to further develop these effective systems and help more businesses access the benefits.

  • Business Growth

    With decades of experience methodically building, acquiring, and scaling companies, I advise clients on proven tactics to concentrate market share and steadily expand their assets over time. My personal success identifying strategic growth niches and developing systems to predictably scale has given me unique insights into keeping expansion sustainable. I work closely with organizations and founders to instill this incremental growth mindset.

  • Startup Coaching

    My personalized startup coaching provides emerging founders with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently build their vision using my extensively tested methodology. By sharing lessons learned from mistakes made across my own entrepreneurial journey, I help new founders avoid common pitfalls and progress faster towards their definition of success.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    I actively pay forward insights garnered from my entrepreneurial wins and losses by directly advising startup founders looking to avoid pitfalls. I also deliver practical, tangible tactics focused on optimizing assets and generating measurable business results through speaking engagements at prominent conferences and events. My goal is equipping people to succeed.

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