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An Engineer, Business Person, ICT Consultant and Foodie

Welcome to my personal Website!
This was created to make it easy to reach, learn more about and learn from me,
I've spent almost all of my Adult life building businesses in the Retail, ICT, Food and Energy sectors and as such I've a lot of field experience which of recent I've been sharing via mentorship. Feel free to contact me!
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Business Man

Starting, executing on and improving businesses is a passion of mine.


I've an analytical mind and also trained as a Gas Engineer


I love good, beautiful food and it shows! Life's little pleasures.

ICT Consultant

Over a decade's experience in improving various organizations with tech.

What I Do

Some of What I do

  • Business Consulting

    From years of starting, running, shutting down and interacting with Businesses from various industries, I've built experience in intuitively understanding basic Business issues, improving process flows and making starting up fast and painless.

  • ICT Consulting

    Through various ICT Businesses, our team has built, fixed and maintained solutions for Businesses in various continents and across diverse industries from Energy, Legal, Accounting, Textile, Food and Manufacturing. Years of IT experience and a bias for problem solving has always given us an edge.

  • Mentoring

    Mentoring is one thing I found myself without having plans to which I ended up enjoying. Starting out, I've had to make most mistakes myself (and bear the consequences too) and if I can help as many as possible avoid getting hit by common issues it would be an achievement. I've been a Mentor also on the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship rogram (TEEP) since 2016.

  • Partnerships

    Folklore has it that 2 heads are always better than one and as such, I'm very open to discuss partnerships in new and existing for profit and non profit projects. I'd contribute greatly in optimizing processes and increasing speed while reducing costs of production, Marketing and general problem-solving.

Cutting logs into cubits at Emago-Kugbo

My Blog

Random thoughts and observations

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Past Experience

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