12v needed, 14.4 – 10v supply.

Peter posted this on December 4, 2021

I’d make short posts of things I tinker with (I do that a lot on weekends).

Today’s Issue.

I have an internet router at home which goes off immediately the power goes off.

The interruptions annoy me so I decided to figure a way to have it on for 24hrs.



  • The Router has a 12v 1A power supply (DC)
  • Solar charge controller has a 12v out supply (which means 14.4 to 10v)

I first tried connecting the router directly to the output ports on the controller but it didn’t power on so testing with a multimeter, I realized it’s not a steady 12v and the router needs 12v. Nothing more, nothing less.

I decided to research how to get a 12v supply from the charge controller and stumbled on this DC-DC converter (LMS 317) which cost next to nothing and someone had in my city.

I sent a dispatch rider to get it (about 45 mins) then when it arrived, got some wire (always have a lot lying around) and wired the output to the router and the input to the solar controller.

Problem solved,

Router now stays on for 24 hours.

1 less thing to think of.


Ps. I noticed the converter acts up when the batteries are full ( > 14v) so I believe it works within a really small range.

I’m ordering a proper buck converter with a wider voltage range as I’d be converting my solar system to 24v in a few days anyway.

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