5 Years of Clue WebHost – Best Webhost in Nigeria!

Peter posted this on July 23, 2015

Clue Webhost Website

Clue WebHost was a business I started to solve a personal frustration and one I hope would grow to be the Best Webhost in Nigeria.

Then I had just built the Niger Delta Forum – meant to project the Niger Delta as more than the usual news of kidnapping and militancy  the like and it would be offline for hours with the webhost I was using then  – so I decided to build mine.

I remember sitting at the top row in church one Sunday and in my usual distracted state I fleshed out the plan and sketched the logo right there.

I still remember back then my immediate elder sister had her wedding and gave me the money they gifted her for safekeeping (everyone seems to trust me with their money) and I used part of it in paying for the first year of the server (paid it back in weeks :D)!

Someone said 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years of operation so I guess hitting 5 years with this is a cause for celebration!

We’ve gone from working from my bed 😀 to an office with staff taking care of customers,

From 1 customer to Hundreds,

From 1 server to a lot,

From serving clients only in Nigeria to serving clients on multiple continents in multiple currencies

From offering only shared accounts to offering Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud hosting as well as SSL, Bulk SMS, domains, custom emails and Web development.

It’s been an interesting journey, learning a lot about business,

Being hit by DDOS attacks, Server outages, hackers, people trying to host phishing websites and send spam emails and of recent crazy exchange rates (we pay for servers in dollars and it’s crazy having to raise prices all the time to keep up).

To the clients who have trusted us with their money and websites (most without even speaking on the phone),

To those who have stayed with us from day one

To those who have referred clients to us,


Thank you!

You made this possible!

Happy 5th Birthday Clue Webhost!

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