I'm Back Again!!

Peter posted this on August 5, 2010

I know, I’m back again, according to Timaya, ‘I don show, I don show’, & back to posting on a blog…

I had a load of issues first with my internet, had mtn & all of a sudden it was 3rd world war to stay online for a decent 5 minutes, thinking I was solving the problem, I got a modem from zoom (full speed ahead? I wonder where…).

In addition to that winning the record for slowest connection I ever used (since the cybercaf√© days), I’d days when the thing just refused to connect at all! Cant remember where I threw the silly thing after like three weeks & returned to my mad mtn. After a few days of “managing”, I got me a glo modem, that’s been pretty decent & fast (though I’d still keep the mtn as backup, dont trust these people).. Ok I know, I sound paranoid but (it’snt been verified so I’m not sure) I think I’d lose weight if I’m nt on the internet at least in 24 hours..

That’s for part one.., simultaneously, while solving the above mentioned issues, all my websites suddenly went offline!! I put a call through to my hosting company (nairahost) & got the rudest (pardon the #gbagaun.. Had to..) customer care in my entire life from some arrogant guy at the other end.. Well, long & short of it, I got pissed & started my own hosting company (http://cluewebhost.com) so, that issue too is solved, & I’m back, in my world.

I’m, a busy person so I wont spend every minute blogging, would just update once in a while when I need to get off some steam (I sort of prefer writing to talking), Short posts mostly..

Ermmmm… That’s it folks!!!

Edit: September 15th 2010: I’m back to my Old Faithful Mtn modem, though its far from perfect I guess its better than the rest I’ve used

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