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I am Peter Banigo and I’m a Business person experienced in the fields of Energy, Retail, Food and ICT and also an Engineer with a first degree in Natural Gas Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt and a masters degree in Petroleum and Environmental Technology from Coventry University.

I tend to have a very short attention span and memory so I started this blog back in 2010 (2008 actually but lost the first one to a web-host I used which went out of business) to document my thoughts (most posts are private) so I have a place to refer to whenever I need to remember thoughts from the past though I’ve gotten a lot of feedback over time too that posts on here have been useful to people who are on the journey I’ve been on for the past decade or thereabouts.

For those who know Peter Banigo, I’m an avid learner with a love for solving problems which first manifested in my love for DIY (Do it yourself) and then for building businesses (and solving the huge problems they come with one after the other). I’ve always loved business & have been into one or the other right from my Primary School (I just love the calculations & dynamics – almost like magic).

I built my first serious business as a solution to my need for web hosting for projects I was building back then and I was fortunate it was successful and still in operation till date. Since then I’ve built/helped build multiple Businesses covering different markets and serving different countries.

I am an extremely private person and I’m of the belief that the businesses/things I build should be more popular than myself. I’d usually introduce myself in a gathering of 100 in my home city of Port Harcourt by betting that a least one person in the crowd has bought one thing or the other from me at least once. It’s usually 3 or more people and this is something I’m working to scale to the 6 billion people globally.

Peter Banigo – Personal

I’m biased towards action (when an opportunity interests me) and I love to tackle every project with the maximum speed possible and perfect accuracy by taking a holistic view of the process required to deliver it and simplifying as much as possible, something I picked from speed math in Primary school.

I have a healthy dose of curiosity, tend to do things my own way and have an opinion on almost everything (I use “Why” and “How” a lot).

I enjoy a good laugh, I try to find laughter even in the most serious situations (those who’ve worked closely with me know better and say it’s annoying but…) as I believe its easier to solve problems when you re-frame them and take them lightly – & believe me, I have a 90% success rate with that.

Reading books is one of my past-times especially biographies and business books then Jeffrey Archer novels (I own almost all his books) though I read more on my iPad nowadays as I’m so absolutely in love with technology and the internet (I believe everything is possible with a device connected to the internet).

If I wasn’t building businesses I would be travelling and visiting every interesting place in the world (my bucket list is overflowing) and immersing myself in their food, culture and uniqueness and I definitely would set my life up so I can do that before my time is up. I also love a good meal anytime and I’m a sweet-tooth(which they say is unhealthy) but then, we live once, we die once.

To learn more about Peter Banigo, you can visit my blog which contains random thoughts from me.

Happy Browsing….

Last Updated: August 2019

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