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Peter Banigo


Peter Banigo (Bah-Knee-Go) is a strategic business builder and analytical problem solver with over a decade of experience launching ventures across the technology, food, retail, and energy sectors. Leveraging his engineering background, Peter takes a meticulous, data-driven approach to testing ideas and scaling operations.


After obtaining his undergraduate degree in Natural Gas Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt, Peter dove into entrepreneurship and later acquired a master’s degree in Petroleum and Environmental Technology from Coventry University, West Midlands, Peter dove into entrepreneurship. Since primary school, Peter has loved business, particularly the calculations and optimization involved.

Peter Banigo built his first business in web hosting as a solution to an unmet need. He has since launched many endeavours, analyzing markets systematically and concentrating share through predictable systems. Streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency are passions of his.


When opportunities pique his interest, Peter springs to action, tackling projects holistically while simplifying steps along the way. He has a bias for rapid execution paired with perfect accuracy. Peter also has an analytical mind, using “why” and “how” to get to the heart of any problem. He believes humour and levity are key for effective problem-solving.

Sharing Knowledge

These days, Peter enjoys paying forward his experience by mentoring startup founders to avoid common mistakes. He also hosts a business podcast focused on technology applications and data-driven growth.

Outside of Work

Extremely private, Peter prefers keeping the focus on his work rather than himself. He loves DIY, his plants, keeping fit (since 2022) and immersing in diverse cultures and cuisine while travelling when not building businesses. Peter also enjoys lively debate and idea exchange over coffee. He is always open to potential collaborations and conversations.

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