As we move to another phase..

Peter posted this on October 7, 2010

Posted this to Facebook a while back.

Decided it’s better off here.

A couple quotes that struck me.

As we move to another phase..

1. Your room for improvement is always your biggest room — so spend some time filling it up.
2. How do you combat inexperience? Over preparation.
3. There is never a substitute for enthusiasm: not skill, not talent, not expertise – the person with enthusiasm always wins.
4. In ever adversity, there lies a seed of equal or greater benefit.
5. Five years from now, your future will be most determined by the books you read and the people you associated with.
6. Many of the rewards in life come when you are out there on the extra mile.
7. You have to have some principles that you can believe in and that you won ’t waver from.
8. Never forget where you came from …and who helped you get there.
9. There is no luck in success. Success is where opportunity and preparation meet.
10. Observe what the masses of people do, and then do the opposite.

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