Creating an Ethereum token

Peter posted this on March 11, 2022

Ps. I’m writing this to pass time while waiting for an “npm install” to complete.

I’m always interested in new tech so crypto has had my attention since 2013.

Bitcoin for beginners

First experience live crypto trading – 52 Days & $115.

I’ve also been working from home for the past few months so I’ve about 2 hrs extra everyday to explore and learn – goodbye commute!

Yesterday I decided to dig deeper into how the blockchain, crypto tokens and the entire ecosystem works.

In less than an hour, I’d published a Testnet (not real) ERC20 token to the Ethereum Blockchain following¬† instructions online.

You just need:

  • Some knowledge of Javascript (and object oriented Javascript) – Ethereum contracts are written using the Solidity language which is very similar to Javascript
  • Access to the internet & a browser (You can build using the Remix IDE(like notepad)
  • A little patience.

Token can be found here

Contract Address: 0x1d422D95e4E79D88Ac7d82d96ACB3326568A39bd

Would post more as I do more (cutting short here, npm has set me free)

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