Downloading your applications from the Nokia Ovi Store directly to your PC

Peter posted this on November 28, 2010

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1st of all I won’t apologise for the long absence as I stated here that I definitely won’t post regularly.
I’m a serious Nokia freak & like many of you nokia users I download applications regularly from the Nokia ovi store.
Doing this, I have this problem of having to always download only with my phone as the desktop version of the ovi site is limited to finding your applications and sending a download link to your mobile.
The issue with this is that the mobile internet plan subscribed to on my phone is very limited in size and also, I don’t get a copy of the raw files when I use the Ovi Store app.
Was browsing earlier today and saw this tip I thought I’d share to others with this issue.
Its really simple, when on the application page, copy the link from your browser, then add /download to the end.
E.g for the WordPress for Nokia App
Don’t forget its for the free apps only!


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