Finally got my books organised with Library Thing!

Peter posted this on August 6, 2019

NB. This is not a Library Thing review as I just started using it yesterday.

If you’re close to  me you’d know I’m a voracious reader.

I’ve always had an issue with my books though.

I have issues remembering things and this includes remembering what books I have and who I loaned what books to.

So I woke over the weekend wondering if we could build a barebones software side project just for keeping track of books, who they currently are with, etc and put down a rough list of features.

While on that I decided to Google for alternatives and discovered a couple of apps with what I wanted including LibraryThing.

Looking through the features advertised it had what I needed so I downloaded and signed up for an account and it’s great!

Adding books is as simple as scanning their bar-codes with your cellphone camera and this worked for 97% of the books!

You can also indicate if you lent any book out and who has it or if any is missing.

I could only add the books from my bedroom bookshelf before I got bored but I love the result!

Collection can be viewed here.

If you had the same issue I had hopefully it would help!

Meanwhile, Click here to view my Amazon Wishlist.

Ps. We are re-building this site (last redesign was 2010) and I realised I have hundreds of posts in draft I never completed. They would be added to the todo list and published one after the other 😀

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