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Peter posted this on February 9, 2012

If you know me, you already know I’m extremely private.

I started this blog and end up trashing 95% of what I write and keeping 4% unpublished 😀

Sometime in December, I stopped by at a lounge my friend Datoru (we call him D’troit) was managing on Abacha road (K’s Place) for a drink and some gist.

While there, I realized that the grill was empty and abandoned so I asked why and he said they had no one managing it. I asked what they sell bbq for usually and he told me and I did quick math in my head and saw there was a VEEEEEERY WIDE discrepancy with the price of raw chicken and fish lol.

I immediately asked to see the person in charge that night, asked what it would take to handle their bbq and he said I just have to pay some money at the end of the month for the space. The next morning I went straight to main town to look for people who make suya to find who would work with me, I was linked to this young man from Jos, Mohammed and I we made a list that morning for everything we need to make suya and roast fish (list came up to about 20,000) and we went to the Slaughter (Abbatoir Market) and bought everything (we had to buy already sliced suya meat because we were late).

Dtroit was shocked to see us with ingredients and everything by 5pm 😀 and I believe that’s the fastest so far I’ve moved from idea to execution!

Everything spent was less than 20,000, we sold that day, kept sellling and putting the money back in the Business so without any additional input we’ve been able to open 2 other branches (Ground Zero night club and Vegas Nightclub as at today), buy freezers, Display showcases, grills for each, expand into Shawarma and outdoor bbq and provide jobs for 6 Nigerians as at today!

It’s all grace & I thank God for good ideas, health to execute and wisdom.

We would continue expanding to cover every State in Nigeria so yours could be next but anytime you’re in PH, stop by Fuego!

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