Getting aged parents to take their pills

Peter posted this on February 22, 2022

August 2021, I went to see my parents over the weekend and met my mum unable to walk and barely able to talk.

She’d been sick and refused to say. According to her; “she didn’t want to bother me”.

I spent the next 2 weeks with her just to observe and see what was wrong.

Her younger sister, one of the closest people to me also, had been sick and incommunicado and this had her bothered which made her start forgetting to take her daily medications.

She’s on a couple of drugs for diabetes and blood pressure and they’re a lot so even for me, they’d be easy to forget.

We lost my Aunt, I still hear her voice in my head till today almost a year later, she used to call my phone almost every day before that.

Devastated by the news, my mom got worse and got admitted to the hospital.

On discharge, more drugs were prescribed for her and I kept wondering how she was going to remember them all.

To solve this:
1. I got her a set of weekly pill organizers (I got one when I’d covid) to split the drugs into morning, afternoon and evening doses.
2. I set alarms for morning, afternoon and evening on both her phones so she’d hear them and remember to take a dose of the drugs.

After a week I saw this was working, I left back to my place.

1 problem remained though.

I kept over or under-buying the drugs as keeping track is a nightmare.

After a couple months(February 2022), I decided to build a spread sheet to calculate the number of drugs that should be bought for x amount of days.

This spreadsheet has been working like a dream.

& that’s why I’m using the logic from it to build this drug monitoring app to capture the process.

This first iteration would be able to calculate quantities needed for each purchase but over time more functionality would be added so it:
I’d build it with Node JS (express), Mongo DB & EJS for the front end. 

Edit: June 2022

More about the App here: A Basic CRUD MVC app with Node, Express JS, mongoDB and EJS

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