Ginger, Garlic & Honey

Peter posted this on February 7, 2021

I know the medical people would have my head for this but I’ve to share.

When I was a child I always used to be weak, have asthma, respiratory issues etc. So never did sport or anything strenuous (most of it was me not wanting to though).

I’ve no idea where I found it (probably my dad’s Awake magazines?) but somehow garlic was suggested as a solution somewhere.

Typical me, I went all in. For almost 2 years every single day I ate my mum’s supply of garlic raw 😂😂

I frustrated my seat mates in primary school then though, Ebiowei still calls me “garlic-man” and I fully understand, my mouth and sweat smelt so bad 😂😂😂

I think I stopped sometime in Primary 5 but since then, over 20 years ago I’vnt had a single Asthma attack.

I know that isn’t science, no large scale tests, no controls,  no placebos and no journals but that’s what happened.

Fast forward 15 years later  2013.

I found myself in the UK for my MSc. I didnt have any issues with the cold, in fact I loved it (I’m slightly overweight so my natural blubber probably helps).


Almost a year in though, I had a cold.

I ran to the drugstore expecting to get maybe Benylin or Procold or Actifed or something with Chlorpheramine to fight the cold and I was rudely shocked.

Anything above paracetamol was considered a hard drug and would  need a doctors prescription.  I was given a couple sachets of Lemsip (some mild lemon tasting powder in sachets) and asked to run along. This is the photo of the actual lemsip from 7 years ago because I was shocked.



A few days into that I knew I was just wasting my time and decided to hire my inner herbalist.

I went out, got ginger, garlic, oranges and bananas with honey and attacked them voraciously. Photo of the actual items below, I remember I sent it to my friend then.

Things I bought to fight the cough. I was watching some Iroko TV too 😀

I kid you not, in less than 2 days the cough was gone.

I’ve no idea how they work, but they do for me.

Since then I hardly get drugs for cold (if you read side effects and how most drugs work you’d hardly take any).

I’ve seen a lot of tales flying about Ginger and Garlic and Covid 19. That prompted me to write this.

Ps. This is not medical advice, just my personal experience. Consult an actual doctor before you take anything I mentioned here and seek medical attention if you’ve serious symptoms of anything, allergies are real.

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  • Asueiza

    08 Feb, 2021

    You almost killed us in UNIPORT. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 however, herbalism works. I’ve got mad testimonies, but always hear from a trained Doctor first.

    • Peter

      08 Feb, 2021

      I think I should look at being an Assassin 😂

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