I got injected in my eye ?

Peter posted this on June 25, 2018

I’m in shock.

So for the past month or thereabouts my right eye has been inflamed and light sensitive and not responding to medication from 3 eye clinics so far.

The pain got unbearable over the weekend and after asking around I got a recommendation for another eye doctor.

I called on Saturday and he informed me he won’t be on seat till Monday (today) but recommended an eye drop for the pain which I immediately went to get and for the first time in weeks,I slept peacefully.

This morning I took the eye drop again and drove straight to the clinic.

Registered, went through a couple of tests and before I knew it, had a nurse next to me with a syringe and some solution (steroid I was told). I asked her what it was for and she said it’s for my eye.

I hardly get sick, I can count how many times I’ve been in a clinic on one hand so if anybody had told me I could get a syringe in my eye I’d have laughed it off but here I was.

I guess nothing would be as bad as the pain I’ve been going through for weeks so I calmly sat, watched them fill the syringe, watched it come to my eye and empty its contents inside (eye felt heavy for a bit).

No, this is not my happy face.

I didnt know I would be injected so I drove down and had to drive back to my office (about 40 minutes) with this funky eye patch 😀 .

I’ve been at work all day though and I feel a lot better than I’ve been in a while so apparently it was all good.

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