My Covid- 19 Diary

Peter posted this on February 10, 2021

I’ve Covid and I’m scheduling this post weeks ahead so I’m healed by the time it’s up.

I remember telling someone a few weeks back that almost everyone would get Covid this second wave (no one know anyone who had it first time).

It’s my turn.

Thursday 28th January.
I strongly believe I was exposed on the 28th or before.
Friday 29th January
Feel weak, symptoms like malaria, scheduled all work for today and the weekend for Monday. I hardly get sick so this is really off?

This is how I felt

Saturday 30th January
Started a prophylactic dose of malaria meds on doctors recommendation.
Monday 1st February
Malaria dosage ended, no improvement (been inhaling steam with eucalyptus oil (dont know if I’m doing it the right way))

Tuesday 2nd February
9:05am Started this diary,

Woke with muscle pain on my left arm, still feel dead weak, can’t smell, no appetite (took an hour+ to finish a bowl of catfish peppersoup ? ) would go for another test this morning (sucks the result takes forever) and go back to the place I did the previous test (I’d done a test 13th January).

Head feels heavy and nostrils irritable (not congested though).

10:15am: I got to the Testing centre at the Stadium (Port Harcourt),  Had my name, age and reason for testing taken after which someone else took my details as well as details of contacts.

Test was invasive as usual but not as bad as before.

I got a couple of drugs to start while I wait for the results.

I actually feel better after going out and getting some sun. Would do that more often. Felt like crap when I woke was already thinking of who to will my property to ?.

Did over 6000 steps and feel a lot more like myself.

Wednesday 3rd February

2:21am  – Woke and head feels heavy, not heavy because it’s big, more like congested heavy. Want to get water and some juice and try to go back to bed. (I usually wake like this mid sleep so not Covid related – I think). I’d do some steam inhalation too, later.

3:30am: I’m still awake. Nah, this isn’t covid I usually wake and then try to figure how to go back to sleep. Just had my juice though. Wanted to eat but first drug is before meals so I’d wait. My heart rate has been high past few days, 80’s to 90’s from 70’s normally but they say that’s a symptom too. I can taste, juice tasted wonderful just cant smell.

5:32am: I’m up for the day, slept maybe an hour ago. Did steam inhalation (with eucalyptus oil) it helped with the nasal and throat irritation (no idea how it works).

Want to take my first meds then rest then have breakfast later.

7:19am: I think I can have breakfast now. Heaviness in my head is gone after I had some juice (a full one actually) and water. Would take a walk too.

Cheering myself up with Hoodlum Music

10:04 am: I’m 3000 steps in, had breakfast, been listening to music all morning (never fails to raise my mood).

Serendipitously noticed something just now, my Air conditioning is always on in the bedroom (I hate heat so set it to the lowest temperature I can find all the time) but I didn’t put it on anywhere else.

I had my bath, went into the bedroom for the first time since I woke to wear clothes and noticed in the 5 mins I was there the head heaviness started returning (is the cold a factor), I’m back in my living room with AC off and I’m back to normal. Maybe  that explains me waking heavy headed?

3:19pm: I’ve had lunch and a nap. Lol this is a weird virus, apart from the fact I can’t smell and everything tastes bland, I actually feel 90% like my normal self. Compared to previous days that’s an improvement, hopefully it only gets better, I dont have strength to be sick ?

7:24pm: Feeling sleepy  had fruits (mangoes, banana, pineapple) for dinner. Feeling good only annoyed I cant enjoy my food.

Thursday, 4th February

2:38 woke but going back
2:51am I’m still up lol, no heaviness in my head though so cold must have been the issue. Apart from slight muscle pain on the inside of my left arm, very slight head/eyeache, tiny cough that feels stuck deep in my throat and a general sick-ish feeling, I’m alright. Prison wont be fun though ?. I think I’d go do some steam inhalation now.
3:46am Just had green tea, and did steam inhalation (its cleared the tiny cough in my throat), now to negotiate with Hypnos for a few more hours of sleep ?
4:32am: Still wide awake. Is this a symptom too? Heart rate is in the 100’s, & I’m just here in my bed, not running.
6:00am somehow I slept. Breakfast time
7:04am Haven’t had breakfast, no appetite and don’t feel too strong. Came back to bed but would eat… and walk, soon.

9:31am: Had breakfast  and my drugs. Still have the head/eyeache but not too bad.

7:29pm: Had dinner, couldn’t finish it but just had enough to take my drugs. I think I had too much to eat within the day I usually eat small portions.

So I realized loss of smell can kill, when I put dinner on the fire, I think water dripped on the fire and the gas went out, I went into the kitchen to hear the gas fizzing but no fire, so probably the house was smelling of gas and I was clueless.

I’d probably need to stand by food from now because I wont know when its burning either (my side hustle is burning food).

Did 1600 steps, wasn’t too motivated to move today.

I’d sleep  now, as usual.

8:45pm: Still up. Probably didn’t exhaust myself enough.

Friday, 5th February

4:09am: I’ve been awake for an hour. At this point I’d just embrace it lol.

I slept maybe 10. I feel alright though, still no smell.

1:37pm I smelt a whiff of something but maybe I imagined it.

Haven’t really felt like eating today seems I ate too much past few days (I hate drugs to tend to fight illness with a lot of food and water).

Had breakfast then fruits for lunch.

I’m actually glad I’m here in Nigeria having this, cancelled all travel plans last year with the lock ups everywhere, heard people in some places are prevented from seeing loved ones while down with Covid and I really dont get that, in any way. A lot of the healing process is psychological and the presence of loved ones even from a distance helps in no little way.

Been watching movies (a while I had time for that).

9:03pm: In bed but my brain doesn’t feel like what has plans to sleep, lol.

Legs hurt from the walking need a massage but Covid ?

Friday 6th February

5:30am: I’m up.

12:15pm: I feel light headed today. I’m already tired of being sick I’m normally never sick for more than 3 days.

This is an illness that should be avoided if you can avoid it.

The anxiety alone,  wondering when it would end is very unhealthy.

2:51pm: So they just called my friend I went for the test with that she’s positive.

No symptoms whatsoever I just told her to take the test since I was testing. This Covid thing is weird.

6:53pm: in bed wanted to clock in early but couldn’t.  I feel uncomfortable.  This helped in the morning though,  the first one.

Sunday 7th February

1:20am: Yea I know ?

1:34am: Been tracking stress on my phone, it’s coming down, I think I’m healing, just the smell now ?

I tend to get Gastrointestinal bleeding when I take antibiotics so avoiding them as much as possible.

Stress levels during Covid

My stress and Heart rate are coming down

2:20am: Just published a new post on natural remedies. Since I’m up might as well be useful.

I got a load of Garlic and Ginger the day I lost my smell and I’ve a big bottle of honey. We fight every way till we win.

5:45am: Guess who’s up? Yea, Peter,  not Covid ?

8:26am: I’ve had breakfast, done steam inhalation, should drink water. Been watching old episodes of Mr Bean on Youtube

12:16pm: Had noodles with eggs for brunch. I’d probably be twice my weight and of this.

So I just remembered when world leaders and celebrities would get covid last year and make this sombre, I’m dying soon selfie video.

Just remembered and it got me laughing.

This is boring ?. I want to go out, have red wine with steak by the poolside but “Covid is in the inside” ?.

3:32pm: Took a stroll and feel breathless and a lot of cough in my throat/chest deep.

I remember ginger/garlic tends to bring the cough out from wherever its hiding so hopefully it’s that and not Covid being a drama queen.

Monday, 8th February

3:30am: up for water

5:49am: I think Covid is dead, would just poke its butt a bit and see if it moves.

I didn’t drink water last time went straight back to sleep so would do it now with my morning drugs.

Mostly vitamins left

Mostly vitamins left

Pain in my arm is gone,  just the cough but I believe that’s the garlic/honey.

11:36am: I’m pretty sure I’m better. I feel like old (but tired) me.

1:09pm: Just woke from a Nap (it’s been months I’ve been able to sleep in the daytime.)

4:00pm: Can I end the diary now? Or do I wait till the smell is back?

10:30pm: Didn’t still smell my suya tonight. I need to see Covid’s manager.

Tuesday 9th February


3:07am: Would drink some water and go back. Been up since 2:38

Meanwhile I just got the lowest heart rate reading of 63bpm since this started…. it’s dead. RIP Covid.

6:40am: Weather is really cool and nice this morning. Going back to my Todoist, haven’t worked in a week and getting withdrawal symptoms.

9:09am: I’ve spent the last 30 mins sniffing all my perfumes and body sprays :D, It’s back! Not as sharp as it was though but can work with this.

Would go for a test again maybe tomorrow.

Goodbye Covid, see you never again.

Wednesday, 10th February

7:30am: Closing the diary now. I scheduled it for the 21st of February thinking I’d be sick till then but here we are.


  • I started writing this once I got the first symptom so I can track the progression (and so you know if you feel any kind of way you might need a Covid test)
  • Fortunately I started treating early so I didn’t need oxygen, hospitalization or any of that
  • I won’t mention the drugs I took because drugs react differently with everyone ( I hardly even take Paracetamol).
  • Sun is excellent in the healing process – I noticed going out under the sun would always have me feeling really good immediately after.
  • Breathing works in maintaining your oxygen levels
  • High end phones can measure Heart rate, stress, Blood oxygen and activity , keep tabs on this so you know when something is off (In Samsung Health my stress was always at the max, resting Heart rate very high and oxygen saturation fluctuating all the while I was sick. It’s okay now).


That’s all.

Wear your masks, Wash your Hands, Don’t touch your face & when in doubt, get tested and start treating early.

We would win 😀


Monday, 22nd February

Worked my first full day this month. Doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a big deal.

Been negative for days but every little thing tires me out so it felt good.

Thursday, 25th February

Was working – remotely on laptop and all of a sudden started feeling weird and drowsy and co. Checked vitals and saw below. End of work for the day.

Saturday, 27th February

Went swimming today, was in the water for almost 4 hours.  It felt good + it wasn’t that strenuous inside the water.

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  • Anonymous

    10 Feb, 2021

    I’m happy you won the battle? Peter 100 – COVID 0

    • Peter

      10 Feb, 2021


  • Izonpoet

    10 Feb, 2021

    I’m happy you won. But did Covid know that you’re a part-time babalawo? We will celebrate with beer and ram suya. ????????????????

    • Peter

      10 Feb, 2021

      It missed road o! Lol

  • Ihuoma Chinda

    10 Feb, 2021

    Oh wow this must have been really scary. Glad you are okay

  • Pamela

    11 Feb, 2021

    We thank God for healing..So good to have you up and about!!

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