Never take sides with others against yourself.

Peter posted this on June 25, 2020

Posted by Peter Banigo on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I made this post 2009.

I can’t remember why but events over the last 11 years made me have a double take when I saw it come up.

Life has been awesome and challenging, euphoric and depressing in the last decade but one thing I’ve learnt and I practice daily is being my biggest fan and cheerleader.

I’ve interacted with hundreds of people and over time, I’ve come to notice that there are those who never have anything good to say about you. I’m yet to fully understand if it stems from envy, a need to project low self worth or actual concern.

This happens when you’ve them focus on supposedly negative things ignoring everything positive/great you’ve done.

I’d usually cut off or limit this type of association but I’ve watched friends and people who pay attention to things like this deteriorate and become a shadow of themselves.

Paying attention to those trying to pull you down, dwelling on or agreeing with what they say and putting yourself in situations like that are different ways of taking sides against yourself.

Please note, there is a huge difference between this and constructive criticism which helps you grow but in all you do,

Never take sides with others against yourself.

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