New Hobby – Da vinci’s assistant

Peter posted this on April 3, 2021

I love art,
I love huge paintings, sculptures, beautiful architecture, music, craft, everything art.
When I’m in a new city/country the second place I’m in (after I’m done finding the biggest shopping mall and checking every interesting shop) is the art gallery/museum.

I used to paint in primary and secondary school (Art class) so since I was stuck practically all of February indoors and needed to get a new hobby (I usually enjoy woodwork and DIY but needed something less physically tasking),

I decided to scratch that itch to paint I’ve been having and started searching for Art shops that can deliver (so I don’t go out and spread my covid lol), first found one selling framed canvas and easels and I immediately ordered that (and talked about it so much I’m sure 2 good friends ordered paint and brushes and all the rest 😁).

So I’ve primed canvas, an easel, brushes, set of acrylic paint, poster color, water color and & I’m loving it!


My butterfly brain is really calm when I paint & I try to do at least one a week.

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