Maria’s Pot – bringing Nigerian Meals to the West Midlands.

Peter posted this on August 1, 2013

So on one of my numerous trips to see my friend Maria from secondary school in Wolverhampton, we got talking about business and how people kept asking her to make Nigerian food for them (I was one of them 😀 ) and that was how it veered to Maria’s Pot .

Naturally the discussion went to how a Business can be built out of it.

We started brainstorming on the Idea, the Market and prospects and then applied to the Prince’s Trust for funding for the Business. Over a few weekends in Wolverhampton, we built up an excellent business plan while she built up possible recipes and I worked out fair and profitable costing.

The application was put in and funding was granted so if you miss Nigerian food and you stay in the the West Midlands/ Nottingham, Email: to place your order!

The Website would be up in a couple weeks!

Maria's Pot Flyer 1 Maria's Pot Flyer 2

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