On Depression – RIP Chester Bennington

Peter posted this on July 20, 2017

A few moments ago, I came across a News headline that Chester Bennington, vocalist of rock band Linkin’ Park was found dead at 41, apparently committing suicide.

I started following Linkin’ Park early in the University after their MTV collaboration with Jay’z and got every album they pushed out before and after then.

I don’t follow the personal lives of entertainers as I believe life and work should be separate entities but this really hurt because it brought to my mind the not very well addressed issue of depression as well struggles I’ve had with it.

Back 4 years ago when I was in the U.K, I used to be in a terrible state of mind all the time, it was very very bad.

I’m a closed book, I always feel I can handle everything and hardly ask for help or confide in anyone so its something almost nobody knew about.

A lot of people think depression is about money/ lack but the funny thing is, when I had these issues, I had far more money than I could ever spend at that point from my business and other sources, it wasn’t academics because that has always been a piece of cake for me.

I believe I was just out of my element building, creating and solving problems and the whole episode cleared when I returned to Nigeria immediately after my final project and went back to work.

Depression is a difficult thing to deal with and when you dwell in it you tend to dig yourself into a deeper, darker hole, building mountains out of molehills and making out issues where there are none.

I hope anyone facing this comes out of it in one piece and please if you are depressed, try talking to someone (even anonymously) that would listen.


RIP Chester.

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