On MTN’s BlackBerry Subscription Slash

Peter posted this on November 5, 2010

Just woke up to the news that MTN has slashed their blackberry rates as follows
Bis month from 5000 to 3000
Bis week from 1300 to 1000
Hmmmn, seems the price wars are about to begin- though this’s yet to convince me to get one. Call me what you want but I’d prefer a full featured symbian smart-phone to an over-hyped status symbol anyday moreso with the monthly mobile data tariffs announced..
Well, just pleasing info for the bb owners : enjoy the bonanza

Edit: Glo just announced new packages for voice calls with flat rates to all networks. Check their website for details.

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  • Peter

    02 Jan, 2014

    & I finally Bit the BB Bullet February 2012 – & got addicted at once – Phone’s perfect for Business/emails, using my 9th right now – Black Q10 & we’re inseparable,

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