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Peter posted this on May 15, 2012

I don’t usually share personal stuff but this in particular connects a lot of dots.

3 years ago I fell in love.

I tend to be detached an un-emotional in a lot of things, but when I’m not, I go overboard..

I was in this relationship for maybe 6 months, maybe a little more or less and connecting the dots, it taught me a lot and I realise it was a major shift to my life path, choices and everything else.

Back then I’d been reading a lot, consuming a lot and had a fuzzily vague idea what I wanted from life.

Then 3 years ago I met the first person that made my heart flutter whenever she crossed my mind (thought that was hyperbole before), I called her and still call her my Barbie 🙂

Someone who believed in me, someone who made me feel I could do anything and we basically adored each other.

I’d remember us talking for hours (guess that’s when my insomnia started), about life, about the future, about big things I wanted to do and unlike a lot of other people, she made me 100% believe in those things.

We named my holding company ( Oro Nero (black gold) which later changed to Rico en oro- rich in gold) and got the first iteration of the logo together (which is roughly what we use till now) I still remember, she was the only person who could convince me to start taking church seriously (I am and can be very stubborn), helped me believe so much more in myself and my abilities, made me want so much more out of life than ever before along with many other things.

Unfortunately, for some reason, largely my fault and with my immaturity then we didn’t work out at the end of the day. I was sick for a month (couldn’t get out of bed sick) the day after we broke up (more like the day after I saw it was really over 😂).

I’m making this public because even though we don’t realise it our choice of partner greatly limits/expands our potential. The right partner can be instrumental in you losing all you have or gaining the world.

I’d my 25th Birthday a couple days ago and I got thinking deeply about so many things.

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