Scholarships would keep you focused in school

Peter posted this on October 5, 2010

Looking back over the past 5 years of my Engineering degree, 1 thing that has kept me sane & I’m really grateful for are scholarships I got.

I wrote tests and got offers for:

  • The Total Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship
  • The SPDC Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Mobil Nigeria Undergraduate Awards
  • NLNG Scholarship

& these really helped in keeping me focused (having to keep above a certain CGPA to get it renewed).

I’m not from a rich family so I’ve always wanted that independence (not having to bother others with my issues), that extra income, that comfort, that assurance that I won’t get stuck & I’m really good at aptitude tests that’s really what drove me to search for scholarships on getting into the university..


Back then scholarships used to be published on the Tuesday/Thursday edition of National newspapers so I’d buy every copy of those papers (had them all around my apartment) and put in every application possible.

I got offers for almost all I wrote exams for and having a scholarship helped me focus and go through the 5 years of my undergraduate course (I didn’t start my business seriously till I wrote my final exams this year).


Nowadays it’s easier to find scholarships with a lot of websites dedicated to publishing them so I’d recommend this path to any student just getting into school.


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