Swype for Symbian – My New Love

Peter posted this on November 6, 2010

Swype for Symbian

Starting with swype for symbian: I still use and am totally in love with my Nokia 5800.. So far the only issue I have with it is the limited memory that comes with it (that’s more than compensated for by the 8gb memory card included). I love being up to date and I’ve the latest firmware and all(it had bug-ish issues when I first got it).

Swype for Symbian Logo


Swype for Symbian download

So, yesterday, after a lot of gist, I finally downloaded the beta edition of Swype from the nokia beta labs site.. So far so good, apart from the fact that I must type with Proper english, I noticed a little lag in perfomance and also that it takes a bit of getting used to, Its really nice, especially the style component..

I’m definitely keeping it (it was actually used in typing this post in record time).

You can get yours here.

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