Todoist – My little Productivity secret

Peter posted this on October 5, 2018

I use Appsumo a lot to find deals on new and interesting software to make business easier and Back in September 2014, I saw a deal for 6 months free of the premium version of a productivity App, Todoist and immediately signed up after reading what it was capable of & from then till date, I’ve been hooked!

At the point where I downloaded the app, I was SWAMPED! I’ve really tiny short term memory space struggle to remember things (I used to always have a jotter with notes everywhere) and at that point I was trying to rebuild my Business (after returning to Nigeria) while starting a new one and was up to my neck in tasks to complete, things to do and the like and was actively searching for a good way to keep on top of it all.

Up to that point I was using paper to write what I’d to do the week or day ahead but I kept running into the issue of writing what I’d to do on a piece of Paper so I don’t forget and then forgetting/misplacing the piece of paper, rendering the day wasted.

When I saw the Ad for todoist, what really caught my attention was it’s cross platform capability as according to them, you’d be able to use it on Windows, Blackberry, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, browser and everything in between so I immediately downloaded it as my devices are spread across many platforms (don’t ask me).

Since I started using it, Todoist has been like an Assistant to me, bringing a semblance of sanity to my life .

I’m able to get everything off my mind and into the app, schedule recurring tasks for every day, month, year, etc for a specified period or forever (e.g. exercise every morning), assign tasks to other users and monitor ( I use this to delegate to staff members), plan months (& even years) ahead, break down projects into tasks which can be easily completed, sort your tasks into different projects, integrate with other apps (I have it set to create a task when I receive an SMS on my work Android phone containing the word “forget”).

It also integrates with Amazon’s Alexa, Dropbox, IFTTT and the like but the best of it to me is still the fact that it’s cross platform so I can easily set a task on my iPad, edit it on desktop and complete it on my Samsung without any friction.

Todoist is one app I always recommend over and over again because it lets me free my brain up for more productive and creative things so I’d recommend everyone having issues being organized downloads and uses it

You can get 2 months of the Todoist premium version free if you sign up using my link.

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  • Kate

    12 Apr, 2022

    I can see that each of us has some secrets. 😉 very useful, easy to use, it helps me so much every day.

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