YES!! We Won!!

Peter posted this on September 25, 2010

LaundRoom LogoIts finally over, Hmmmnnn, there’s this exhilirating feeling which comes with winning that just makes you forget what you had to go through.

If you wonder what I’m talking about, its the AIESIEC Business Plan Competition which I’ve been participating in for the Past 5 weeks.

I must say, it was worth the time & schedule disruption as I learnt a whole lot about starting a business properly (I’ve never been patient enough to write an actual business plan- just scribbles & sketches & I’m off!!).

The plan, initially when I joined my group (I started a bit late) the idea on ground was a poultry ¬†farm with the logo below (which I just felt wouldn’t fly).

I like the logo sha :-).

We had to change mid-way to an idea I brought up for consideration which I felt would be more unique and challenging.

It was actually challenging I guess because three of our team members left a few days later with Just Evans, Katrin & I doing the bulk of the work (thats before I brought in Eze a few days to the end to fine-tune).

Well, its over & the euphoria still hasn’t cleared – Though we are yet to receive our price but I guess for me, the victory is alright.

Well, three tests next week, off to look at my books, Can’t wait for this to be over.

Finally…. Investors Wanted

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