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Archive for December 2010

Whatsapp v2.2.21 for Symbian (Now with Multimedia)

Yup!! What I’ve been patiently waiting for is now on!! Whatsapp as described in my previous post (and which incidentally is now my second most used application on my phone) has finally upgraded to version 2.2.21 which supports pictures, videos, audio recordings, location sharing.

I got the heads-up from this tweet on their twitter page right on christmas eve.Really love the interface now, though I believe the perfomance reduced a little bit.

Your contact images now show up as cute avatars for your favourites  and a log has also been included to show your total sent and received messages as well as data usage.

If you aren’t on Whatsapp yet, I strongly recommend you download it and enjoy the free 1-year trial while it lasts.

The application enables you to chat in realtime with Blackberry, Iphone, Android and Fellow Symbian phone users seamlessly.

Well, back to my christmas food.

Merry Christmas to You all!!!

WordPress for Nokia – First thoughts

If anyone feels I’ve been caught by the “blogging-bug” in the past few hours, the topic of this post should give an idea of the bug that’s bitten me..
I finally, successfully downloaded the WordPress for Symbian application for my phone last night. Saw it while browsing other stuff and felt it would be perfect for my ultra mobile lifestyle.
The app has been around for a while and is about 13mb totally to download for a first – timer. It first installs the smart installer, which downloads and installs Qt and the wordpress applications.
you can manage multiple blogs with the application but you have to enable xml-rpc under settings in your wordpress admin panel to use it.
The application interface is neat, lets you create and edit your posts and pages, add photos and tags and also moderate comments. You can also manage multiple blogs with it.
So far, my only annoyance with it is the inability to resize images and position (maybe I’ve not looked well enough) but it’s alright otherwise.
You can download yours from

ACN registration center

Saw this funny sight on my way out. Had to stop and take a picture.
That’s one of the registration centers of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Port Harcourt, a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) dominated state.
Guess opposition politics hasn’t yet matured in the country.. Wonder what it would look like if that was a PDP center.

Etisalat now on 3G

Finally!! Late entrant into the GSM market, Etisalat has acquired a 3G license!
This was made possible after they acquired the licence of Alheri telecoms – a subsidiary of the Dangote Group.
Just hope the service is as good as the edge and a lot more widespread..

Whatsapp!!! For symbian..

Image by abulhussain via Flickr

“Because sms is so 2008”, thats the phrase on the official facebook page of the Whatsapp!, application I’ve been using for over a month now & I’ve come to love.
Whatsapp is a smartphone messaging application which is used to send instant messages and multimedia content(hopefully, in the next nokia beta update) between Blackberry’s, iPhones, Symbian OS devices and Android phones.
Its given out as a free (1-year) trial download(though its really cheap after that).
On installation of the application, it requests for your phone number & sends a message to it to verify (meaning the sim in the phone you install with must have airtime for 1 sms and also have the number you input.)
After that, it synchronises your contacts and shows you all your friends who have d application installed.
You can start chatting immediately with them.
I must say, compared to other versions, the Nokia edition is limited(for now) but it still serves its purpose as I’ve noticed I hardly send sms nowadays.
Whatsapp is integrated into your phone and starts up once you get a message (even if you’ve exited the application) – a feature I really value since I get my messages instantly and also I dont have to always find the app and login to use it.
It has disadvantages though,
Its connected to the internet 24/7 so this could really be a drain on your airtime if you aren’t subscribed to a data plan and also on your battery if you use 3g or WiFi to connect.
Apart from that, its really lovely and I actually “force-install” it for my friends with compatible phones.
You can get it for your phone by pointing your browser to

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