About Peter Banigo

Peter Banigo was born a couple of years ago (precisely on the Day Obafemi Awolowo died- find out) and is a Nigerian (obviously).. He is an indigene of Bonny in Rivers State and also a recent graduate of Gas Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt.

He’s a very calm person, loves watching & learning but gets exciting when you get to know him. He…… (ok I’m tired of talking about Me in the 2nd Person (abi 3rd) so…..).

I love laughing, I try to find laughter even in the most serious situations(those who’ve worked closely with me know better) as I believe its easier to solve problems when you take them lightly – & believe me, I have a 99% success rate with that.

I love reading books especially business and motivational books then Jeffrey Archer novels though I read more on my laptop nowadays as I’m so absolutely in love with technology and the internet (I believe everything is possible with a laptop connected to the internet on my laps(fast internet sha) ).

I’m a solution minded person & I absolutely hate being trapped/ stranded. I really value a little time alone when confused to strategise.

I absolutely LOVE GOD (I know I’ve not been perfect for Him anyway), I’ve been born-again for about a year(October, 2009) and its been so wonderful for me.

I’ve always loved business & have been into one or the other right from my Primary School(I just love the calculations & dynamics – almost like magic). Currently, I am the Principal Operating Officer of Rico-Enoro Nigeria & the Technical Contact for Clue WebHost Nigeria which both basically provide online and offline solutions for Nigerian Businesses.

I love a good meal anytime but my favourite’s Dodo (Fried Ripe Plantain and Stew).

Guess you’d know the rest as we get to know each other : This’s as far as I can go.

Happy Browsing….