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Swype for Symbian – My New Love

Image representing Swype as depicted in CrunchBase

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I still use and am totally in love with my Nokia 5800.. So far the only issue I have with it is the limited memory that comes with it (that’s more than compensated for by the 8gb memory card included). I love being up to date and I’ve the latest firmware and all(it had bug-ish issues when I first got it).

So, yesterday, after a lot of gist, I finally downloaded the beta edition of Swype from the nokia beta labs site.. So far so good, apart from the fact that I must type with Proper english, I noticed a little lag in perfomance and also that it takes a bit of getting used to, Its really nice, especially the style component..

I’m definitely keeping it (it was actually used in typing this post in record time).

You can get yours here.

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On MTN's BlackBerry Subscription Slash

Just woke up to the news that MTN has slashed their blackberry rates as follows
Bis month from 5000 to 3000
Bis week from 1300 to 1000
Hmmmn, seems the price wars are about to begin- though this’s yet to convince me to get one. Call me what you want but I’d prefer a full featured symbian smart-phone to an over-hyped status symbol anyday moreso with the monthly mobile data tariffs announced..
Well, just pleasing info for the bb owners : enjoy the bonanza

Edit: Glo just announced new packages for voice calls with flat rates to all networks. Check their website for details.

Rounding Up..

Quick update: Just got my project corrected from my supervisor.. Almost got heart failure with the delay but just a few corrections & its ready for printing & binding. Can’t believe its almost finally over..

The Project is at Biogas Project

Counting Down to B.Eng (Gas Engineering)

YES!! We Won!!

LaundRoom LogoIts finally over, Hmmmnnn, there’s this exhilirating feeling which comes with winning that just makes you forget what you had to go through.

If you wonder what I’m talking about, its the AIESIEC Business Plan Competition which I’ve been participating in for the Past 5 weeks.

I must say, it was worth the time & schedule disruption as I learnt a Read the rest of this entry »

Favorite Applications for my Nokia 5800

In no particular order:

Playlist DJ

Quick office premiere

Opera mini 5

You Tube

Whatsapp messenger

Nokia messaging email


Ovi maps

Xplore 1.51

I’m good to go with these. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Di's Place (Chez Di)

After an invitation through my facebook inbox – which ended up a victim of my forgetfulness, & a subsequent life-threatening yahoo messenger invite, I finally visited her blog at Di’s Place and found it difficult to pull my eyes off subsequently.

Really nice, I appreciate good writing when I see it & you could also visit and say what you think…

I'm Back Again!!

I know, I’m back again, according to Timaya, ‘I don show, I don show’, & back to posting on a blog…

I had a load of issues first with my internet, had mtn & all of a sudden it was 3rd world war to stay online for a decent 5 minutes, thinking I was solving the problem, I got a modem from zoom (full speed ahead? I wonder where…).

In addition to that winning the record for slowest connection I ever used (since the cybercaf√© days), I’d days when the thing just refused to connect at all! Cant remember where I threw the silly thing after like three weeks & returned to my mad mtn. Read the rest of this entry »