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Where Have I been?

I know, it seems like I’ve abandoned my lil’ blog right??? Wrong…

I login here almost every week but I get stuck at what I should put on. This would end up maybe another rambling post from me but…. What can I do?

Ok, so, from february till now, I have been working, I have moved homes, I have resigned from my Job, I have handled a surge in my Business, I have bought a few more gadgets (my loves), spent a week with the beauty in the Photo, errrmmmmm… Ok That’s about what I remember for now.

Working, I had a short stint at Arden & Newton Ltd (would have loved to stay longer but the moving and many other issues… hmmmppphhh..).

Well, the time wasn”t wasted though, picked a lot up and also worked with them on a re-branding project (

Ermmmm, Talk Later :-)

Whatsapp v2.2.21 for Symbian (Now with Multimedia)

Yup!! What I’ve been patiently waiting for is now on!! Whatsapp as described in my previous post (and which incidentally is now my second most used application on my phone) has finally upgraded to version 2.2.21 which supports pictures, videos, audio recordings, location sharing.

I got the heads-up from this tweet on their twitter page right on christmas eve.Really love the interface now, though I believe the perfomance reduced a little bit.

Your contact images now show up as cute avatars for your favourites  and a log has also been included to show your total sent and received messages as well as data usage.

If you aren’t on Whatsapp yet, I strongly recommend you download it and enjoy the free 1-year trial while it lasts.

The application enables you to chat in realtime with Blackberry, Iphone, Android and Fellow Symbian phone users seamlessly.

Well, back to my christmas food.

Merry Christmas to You all!!!

ACN registration center

Saw this funny sight on my way out. Had to stop and take a picture.
That’s one of the registration centers of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Port Harcourt, a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) dominated state.
Guess opposition politics hasn’t yet matured in the country.. Wonder what it would look like if that was a PDP center.